Why is first row of table updating with add new row?

I’m working on my user profile creation flow. The goal is to break up this process across multiple pages (ex: first page asks your name, then you hit ‘NEXT’ button, then you add other info, etc).

Because I want this flow, I am not using a form but new screens based on the table I want to write to.

THE GOAL: Is for a person to go through this flow, inputing their information, and in the backends it’s adding the data to the same row until a person’s profile row is filled in. Should be simple…

HERE’S THE ISSUE: No matter what actions I am building for the buttons, hitting ‘NEXT’ always updates (writes over) the first row of the linked table. I’ve used set column values only which just updates the first row and doesn’t create a new row, I’ve used just the ‘create new row’ action which adds a new row (great) but ALSO updates the first rows info (bad). Using both does the same thing… Am I missing something here? Seems like a bug that ‘add row’ action would add AND update…

I would so appreciate anyone’s assistance as this has become a large blocker for me.


If you are not using a form, then you are directly updating, in real time, whichever row the screen is attached to. If you don’t have any filters on that screen, or row owners applied to the table, then it’s going to be attached to the first row in that table. The button is likely pointless because you are updating the row as you type, and then the Set Column action on the Next button just overwrites the the same values you just typed.

What you could do is just filter the screen to the signed in user and then change the button to only show the new screen without attempting to set column values or add a row, because when you typed the values, it already updated the row.


Thanks so much, Jeff! This did the trick! So helpful.

For potential future references:

The only other thing I had to do beyond what you outlined was in the very first step on the home page before a user goes through the process, where a person hits ‘set up profile’ I made that button add a row to the sheet and pass the user email through so when I added the filter on subsequent pages based on that user - it has data to pull through and will serve up the entry fields.

Just so you are aware, if you have user profiles configured and pointed to your user table, a row will automatically generate as soon as a new user signs in for the very first time without you having to create an action that adds a row. If you are not careful, the way you are doing it could bite you in the future and you may end up with duplicate user rows for each user. You could risk the user profile feature referring to the wrong row.


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