How to make a custom action work on the right row

I have a button that has a custom action. The custom action is as follows:


When I Link to the screen I really want to be operating on the new row I created but currently it operates on the first row in the table.

Try this:

  • Create a user-specific text column called Next UK
  • Before add row, add a Set Column action where in this Next UK column you set a Unique Identifier
  • In Add Row action add a UK column to add this value
  • Create a single Relation of Next UK > UK column your adding row
  • The 2nd Set column action after Add Row, you need to set, instead of This Item, set this single relation you just created.
  • Link to screen to this single Relation

So the Action Flow will be:

Set Column - Set the Unique Indentifier
Add Row - add Unique Indentifier to a new UK column
Set Column
Link to Screen - use the single relation to go to the row you want

PS: don’t use Set Colunn to clear value in New UK column, because in a next action, the Unique Indentifier will change


I’m thinking would the compound action fire slow enough for a single value column > last whole row work here.

I do not really understand how this works but it does, and really I do not need to know. It did take me a bit to get things just right. I am using it to register people as users in my app (with some parameter checks) now two people can register at the same time. Thank you.

I am doing this as volunteer work so the people who I am doing this for thank you as well.

If anyone wants me to post an example that has a little more detail just ask.

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Not sure what you mean. But am willing to try it if you throw a little more detail at me.

What I was trying to do is allow two or more people to enter information into a user table where I can do some pre checks on the data. To do the checks, I use a temporary table to collect the data and then grab the completed data and write it to the real user table. So the method has to guarantee that two people can not end up on the same row in the temporary table.

Glad it helped :relaxed: