First row transaction updated by last

Hi everyone, i have entry form to add transaction data, every submit data the first row data is also updated by last transaction, i use function add row in the button command.


Are you using an actual form, or just a detail screen which would be updating data in the row that the screen is attached to.

I using an actual form

What you describe shouldn’t happen with a form, so something isn’t right. Can you share some screen shots please?

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Thanks for your advice, i’m new glide user and interesting to explore glide feature, i’m trying using native and the issue is solve.

That is not a standard form screen.
What does the action on your “Submit” button do?
And which columns do the Input components (Name & Leave Date) write to?

My guess is that you are overwriting the values in the first row simply because your input components are targeted at those columns, and your screen is attached to the first row in the table.

Is there a reason why you are not using a standard native form?

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