Text Entry creating new row

Hey folks ,

I have a form container with a text entry included.

The “action after submit” is set to “set column values” which works but it seems to creating a new row with the same value as well when it should only be updating.

Any ideas why this would be or how to fix?

The Form Screen will ALWAYS create a new row. If you want to update a row, you need to use an Edit Screen

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Seems strange when the action is specifically to set column values and not add row. :thinking:

For context I want the user to enter text to be used as the system prompt for a summary/transcription which works fine but I just get these unwanted rows.

Could I edit the action to delete the row somehow?

Sounds like you might want to do what’s demonstrated in the following example:

A button with edit screen overlay did the job but the UI took a hit.

Win some , lose some

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Robert is correct that forms will always create a new row. If you don’t want to use an edit screen, I would suggest using a show new screen > this item action, show a text entry pointing to a user-specific column, then a button bar to mimic what you have in the form (Submit/Cancel). Use the set column action for the submit button (also remember to close the overlay, if you use an overlay).

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This was the solution in the end.

Is that a form screen, an edit screen or something else?

A button that opens up an edit screen

Is there a reason you don’t use a normal screen versus an edit screen here? Can you talk more about your desired flow?

I originally had a form container on the main screen that included text entry but it was creating a new row on the user sheet anytime text was entered which wasnt going to work for me.

So Bob explained the reason for that above and this solution seems to work the best.

So what does a “new profile” mean in your app? You mentioned you don’t want a new row, so this is more like changing something on an existing row?

Yes changing a column on a row in the user table prior to transcription. The profile is basically choosing the output you want from your recording ie Output in spanish , create a lesson plan etc

Previously I had the Teacher profile but this way users can create & save their own instead

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I think you want a form to pop up and then click “OK” to update the user’s profile, correct?

If so, how about making “Create New Profile” button open a “new screen” which has a text entry and a button. The action for the button should be “set column value”.

Yep , thats how I ended up setting it up