Cell update in Glide Page

Hey Gliders!
I’m trying to update a cell using a Form Text Entry Component and by setting ‘Set Column Values’ but a new column is being added instead of being edited.
How do I properly set it edit the cell instead of appending a new column?

Can you explain some more and show some screenshots?

Form, Add, and Edit screens don’t usually need any additional actions unless you need to do some extra work. Form and Add screens are designed to add rows. Edit screens are designed to edit existing rows.

It sounds like you have a Form or Add screen with additional On Submit actions. I’m guessing you are should either be using an Edit screen or just a Detail screen with an entry component. But it all depends on how you have things set up right now.

Oh , yes. You were right.
If anyone runs into this, the solution was to not put the Text Entry inside a Form Container element.
This what forces a new column every time you use On Submit action.


By “new column”, do you mean “new row” instead?

Yes. Sorry for the confusion

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