Set the value in a existing row, not new

Hi everyone, I need some help with my Glide app. I have a column named ‘Provisional’ that contains text. I’m using an entry component with this text as the default value. The goal is to fill another column called ‘Revised Text’ with the updated information from the entry component. However, when I hit submit, it creates a new row where only the ‘Revised Text’ column is filled. I’ve tried using Set Column but it didn’t solve the issue. Can anyone help me fix this so it updates the existing row instead of creating a new one? Thanks in advance! As I am searching it in the community it seems that forms are used for creating new rows…always, so how can I enable the user to edit a text in a collum (and store it)?

Can you describe more about your flow in screenshots? So you’re using a form but wants it to update an existing row? Why do you need to use a form screen if it’s the case, and not the edit screen?

Thanks for reaching out!

I have a transcription from an ia, another ia with prompt to generate a text based on this transcription “documento provisório”= “provisory document”, but as you know this texts are not perfect so I want to allow the user do edit it “documento aprovado” “aprroved documentation” would be that, a entry text with the dsfult text in it being provisory document. Hopefully, I described well, thank you again! Truly

Oh, and it saves it in the collum “aproved documentation” as it should but, not in the same row, unfortunately. I want to make another’s ia prompts from this collum when the text is approved.

My understanding is that a form will always add a new record or table row.
Could you use an edit or detail screen instead?