Form & Edit

Currently, from what I can see, “edit” allows users to edit existing rows that match their email.
Which is great. It’s not great that the only way users can reach this field is the pencil on the top-right.
I wanted to add a “form” button or “click this image TO form” option, to reach this area, but the form adds a new row–always.

Could we add different pathways to get to the “edit” portion of a page to make it more user-friendly, easier to see?

For example, the Image, Action dropdown (None, Enlarge image, Upload image, Form, Link to screen, Edit this page).

The main reasons:

  1. Edit pencil is difficult for new users to see immediately, even with a big arrow (that I created) pointing at it.
  2. The “edit text” or other components that can be added have this very weird glitch effect… So, for example, if someone types their phone number, and are getting ready to choose which plan they want, the field resets. They are frustrated. They retype their phone number, and plan, then to name, and then it resets again. From what I can interpret, Glide is updating the form per every change, and by doing this also re-blanking fields that were just filled subsequently…

Anyways, “edit” and “form” bypass this problem by submitting all this data at once instead of one at a time. The issue with “edit”, not easy to see, one option, top-right pencil. The issue with “form”, it adds a new row no matter what I do instead of changing the content of the current row.

Thank you, if there are any current solutions to this, please let me know!