Using form buttom to edit row in sheet?

Is it possible to use a Form Button to edit the content on a page?

In this career coaching app (screenshot attached), every user has a personal “Vision Statement” on their home screen. Instead of relying on the Edit button in the upper-right, I would like to use a large button to edit this row.

Is it possible for the “Update Vision Statement” button to open a form that edits the text above it?

If this is not possible, let me know so i can add it to the feature requests :slightly_smiling_face:

Technically no, it’s not possible. But there may be a hacky way to do it. You could add a form button, pull in existing vision statement and user’s email, then provide an entry field to enter a new statement. This information will be submitted to a new sheet. Using the formula in the attached thread, you can pull the the most recent statement from the form response sheet and insert it into the user record. Unfortunately, I don’t think the formula is Arrayformulas friendly, so you would have to copy the formula down all of the user record rows.