Overwrite the same line

Hello guys, I need help about this:

I need each time the user is going to write on that form

to have Placeholder like the info that he wrote before (Make a search and if it is the same email dont overwrite it.)

Hi Marios,

There is no single way to do what you want, but you can trick the app to achieve the same goal. You’ll have to play with the following things:

First, you have to understand that a FORM always starts with an empty row, so you can’t use the FORM component in the way you’re asking to use it. You will need to use a LIST view of an existing table, or a DETAIL view of an existing row, and ALLOW USER TO EDIT.

Then, you can use the VISIBILITY option to hide or show rows based on CURRENT USER email address.

Assuming you want to allow users to update their address/email/etc without creating a new row, you should create a ROW and that is User Specific and show only that row to the signed-in user. That way they can edit the row all they want without creating a new one.

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Hello mr Belzoni,

Im using a form because I need it to trigger an integration at submit, and send me an email. Is it possible to make it send me that Email of a specific users’ input using a FORM and a button like you’re saying?

My columns in user-Sheet are not user-specific. Do I have to delete them all and construct them again but this time user-specific?

Thank you very much!

You can create Custom Action that will send you an email on EDIT > SUBMIT, just as you would for a FORM. But it’s only available for Private Pro apps:

Or you can use Zappier from the same custom action on EDIT > SUBMIT :arrow_down:

I have not done any integration, but there are a lot of threads about it here on the forum that you can search.

About the “allow users to edit” ,

On ‘view details’ I want to have some details about the product too (From the menu sheet),
Is it possible to allow users edit details on a single ‘Inline list’ (The list of their own credentials), Not the credentials that I have from the menu as description of the product. Thanks.

and also:

My columns in user-Sheet are not user-specific. Do I have to delete them all and construct them again but this time user-specific?
The integration is ready and already constructed via zappier.

Thank you !

So you want a placeholder/default value to be the one from the previous line the user submitted?

@ThinhDinh Yes, but the same user.

I’m thinking you can make a relation from the user profiles table to the submissions table using the user’s email. Then with multiple columns of single value => last you can get values from the last submission to be used in the next form.

@ThinhDinh The user profile table and the submissions table, is the same! When a user submits this form, the details are written in the users prrofile sheet

We may need to back up here

So you are writing a new user profile row only so you can trigger a Zapier integration based on when a new row is added? And you are doing this instead of allowing a user to edit an existing row and then triggering a zap on submit of the edit? I just want to make sure I understand.

Otherwise I think @ThinhDinh makes a good point. Maybe sure the user is viewing their last row or at least one of their rows. Create a multiple self relation that links the email column back to itself. Then create as many single value columns as you need to get the column values for the last entry of that user. Those values can be passed into your form.

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Yes exactly.

I think that the allow users to edit would be good, BUT


If I allow users to edit here (remove the form button),

They will be able to edit the description of the product (I dont want this to happen).

Also am I going to be able to send that info that the user enters via zappier intigration?

Maybe I don’t fully understand yet. You’ve mentioned a user sheet and the user sheet is the one that contains production information? I’m going to assume that a user picks products and those production are written to a column in the user sheet, but you also are currently requiring them to refill their personal information???

If I’m understand correctly, I personally would not write duplicate rows for a user each time they want to order something. There should only be one user row. You should be able to update the list of products in a column within that existing user row, if that’s what you want.

I’m not sure I understand how editing a user profile would allow a user to update a product description. Firstly because I don’t quite understand your link between users and products. Second, when you allow editing of a row, you have full control over which columns can and cannot be updated. If you don’t want a particular column to be edited by the user, then just remove that component from the screen, so they can’t change it.

I’m assuming that you currently have your Zapier linked to your google sheet, and every time a row is added to the google sheet, then the Zap is called? Glide does have a native integration with Zapier, so you can call a zap through an action within glide. That action could be called whenever a user edits a row or presses a button. Other people have used Integromat and created webhooks that can be called from an action within glide. I only mention that because many people find Integromat to be easier to use and as far as I know, it works well with Web Hooks.

I think your current approach could be a problem, or should really be separated into a User Sheet, Product Sheet, and Order Sheet. Any time you have to start duplicating the same data over and over, then that’s a good sign that your current database isn’t designed very well and could complicate things in the future.

I’m not saying you can’t continue down your same path. If want to do it the same way, then I think we may need clarification on which sheet/tab your form button is attached to. I’m assuming it’s attached to the user sheet as well as writes to the user sheet and a solution is already provided above in a previous post. But I could be wrong and you may have the form button on a product sheet, but then it writes the data from the product and data for the user to the user sheet.

Either way, you’ll have to help us understand your entire app flow and data setup.


Yes thats what I want.

Thats because on the 'view details, as you see, image

there is product information. And im telling that with the ‘allow users to edit’, If I make it with a list so he can update information only to his own row, he will be able to update the information about the product too, as they are on the same page. (view details).

Thats my sheets:

mr @Jeff_Hager I would appreciate it if we could make a call that I could share you my screen. You would understand my problem and solve it in 5 minutes. After that, I will explain everything here and mark it as a solution, so every user can see that.

Thank you very much !

If you ‘allow user to edit’, you can design that edit screen however you want. Just remove the components that contain the product information so the user can’t edit the description

Yes I understand! The problem is that I want that description to be available to the user !!

Edit: Thats way its called ‘view details’ I think!

But the edit screen is separate from the view screen. You get to it by clicking on the pencil on the upper right hand side of the screen when you enable editing. Regardless, you still have full control on the edit screen to display the description in a text component that can’t be edited, but still allow all other columns to be edited with entry components.

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Mr @Jeff_Hager , you’re right. Ive noticed it now. Thank you very much. Tomorrow Ill get back to get and try by letting user to edit, and get back to you for any problems. Thank you very much !

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Is there a way that I can change this button:


to something else? I mean change the pencil icon to another icon. Thanks

No, there is no way to change that button. If you really wanted, you could instead use a switch or a checkbox that will set a value in the row. Then based on that value, you could hide the text components and show entry components on the same view screen. This would allow you to make changes directly on that view screen instead of going to an edit screen. This allow allows you to switch the visibility between those text and entry components any way that you choose.