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Hello guys, I am making an app that will send some user’s order (via email) to a delivery guy. Basically, I have made the integration with zappier and i have that button that sends the email, and its okay. My problem is that I cant find a way that a user can submit his data (address etc). Ive tried using forms, but when a user submits it creates new line with all the information except email which is stored at the line above. Ive tried user specific columns, but with this I cant even see users information. Any ideas please? I want something very simple thanks!!!

Perhaps you could try ‘Link to Screen’ > This Item - then add input fields with a filter: users email address > is signed in user?

So you’re trying to write the user’s address to the destination sheet by using a form?

Yeah! This exactly. Or even by allow users to edit, using text entries, on user-specific column. I just want it to work!

In the form, search for user profile values, choose the Address column from the User Profiles sheet, then you can pass it to the destination Sheet, for the column of your choice.

Have you configured user profiles?

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Do my columns need to be user-specific?

No, you can read & watch this tutorial on User Profiles.

Ive, done it but the problem is that the information is stored like this!

Why is it on different row

Can you talk more about the “different row” part? I’m not sure I’m getting the problem here.

Forms will always write to a new row. Are you trying to edit an existing row?

If you have enabled user profiles and designated your Users sheet as the user profile sheet, then when a user signs in, it will automatically create a row with their email address. If you want to allow the user to edit that same row, then you need to use edit mode so they can edit that same row. A form will always write a new row. You can apply Row Owners (more secure), which will only let them see their own row, or set a filter on the screen (less secure) so they can only see their own data. Then there are various ways you can allow them to edit that same row.