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I would like my users to receive a confirmation message once they submit a form (which contains their details such as phone number and email).

I have a Pro subscription but my app is public.

Is this possible? I tried configuring the “send-email-action” feature but unsuccessfully: Product Updates | Glide

You should be able to do it with a Zapier action on a new row inside the Sheets.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh will give it a try.

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Another thought is if you don’t have too many fields to send to Zapier, you can do an “on submit” action with Zapier as a module.

You can have a further read/watch here: Zapier - Glide Library

However I have not done that in my apps as I usually have a custom form on a details screen + add row action. If I need a Zap, I configure that inside my compound action. Tell us if the approach I suggested above works, so that it can help other people as well.

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Zapier option worked! (The only issue is for recipients using iphone mail, the gmail signature appears as an attachment… trying to fix this now)

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