Forms update an existing field does not work

Not sure this is the way to do it, but I wanted to make an extra screen to update certain (existing) fields in the google sheet.
Since there are many I categorized them into 3 form buttons.
Here comes the catch:
I can submit the form but the data does not update in the existing cell.
Why is this?
Anyone extra tips?

Forms will never update an existing row. They are designed to add new rows of data only.

If you want to update an existing row, then either use the edit option, or use entry components on a view screen. In your case, you may be able to create 3 buttons but use the ‘Link to Screen’ ‘This Item’ action and place your entry components on each screen linked from the buttons.


Thanks for the tips, I will adjust. the problem I had with the alternate flow you suggested, is that I could not find how I could create a screen and create the button “link to screen” that is linked to the specific row. I explain: If I create button that links to screen and then is " detail screen" It always connects to the first row of data not the row of data that is first clicked.

Like I explained above, you have to also select ‘This Item’

You don’t create a screen first and then link to it. You instead create the button first and then design the screen after you click through the button.

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Thanks, solved

I found it, I had not seen the “this item” option!

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