Extra Row is Creating Instead of Updating the Intended Row

Dear Community

We are trying to update a Row in Confirmation Table (Tab) via another TAsk Tab via a Form.

When click on Create Application Invoice, destination is Confirmation

We have also Custom Action

We are not sure why the intended data is not updated to the right row, but created in as another row in Confirmation!

We have managed to perform the required 1 day back. But when we added another Create button, this does not work any more.

Any advise is much appreciated!

Have you tried changing that to use a different Destination Table/Sheet?

@Darren_Murphy Hi Darren, changing back the main tab i.e. Tasks should be able to work, but will need all the required fields into Task Table.

However the logic that we have set up should work, and we are still trying to figure out how Glide treat such flow and the limitation.

The main point is why a new row is created when we didn’t indicate so.

Does it have to the with the form we have use i.e Show New Form, Show Edit Form etc. ?

We have used Show Form and Show Edit Form to try to get the effect

Show form gives an extra row.

Show Edit form cannot be used, because once we wanted to set up the components, it affect the destination tab Edit form

The whole of this will be affected

The Form screen’s sole purpose is to add rows. As soon as you click on the submit button, it adds the row. That’s what it’s designed to do. A Form screen is not meant to edit an existing row.

You may need to use something like ‘Show New Screen’ and create a custom edit screen to update an existing row.

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Got it! Let me try!

New screen cannot have special components to update certain fields by default though.

What about Edit Screen? Can we have different Edit screen when required?

You can’t have different Edit Screens. You an only have one Edit screen and it’s permanently linked to the table.

A custom action could write special values to certain columns before opening the new screen. Or you could set up your custom edit screen so you fill user specific columns, and then add a button that writes those users specific values and special values to the existing row.

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Thanks for your reply.

Let us check and work on it.

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Hi hi

Realised that when i use a show New Screen to create the form, when values are keyed into the form,

The “buffer” values are updated on first row, causing the first row data to be incorrect.

Yes, that’s expected behaviour.
If you want to use Show New Screen, then the target (Data) needs to be “This Item”.



This Item refers to the current Row ID in this Tab / Table?

Kindly advise where can i read up on this This Item, References etc?

Yes, that’s correct.

I don’t know that there is any specific documentation on “This Item”, but what you are doing there is essentially creating what’s commonly referred to as a Custom Form. To learn more about that, you can make a copy of the concept app in the below thread and study it.


Even though there is only one edit screen, you can set visibility conditions to the edit screen components to have one set show under one circumstance, and another set show under another circumstance. This won’t always be the best solution, but it works great in some cases.