Creating and editing only new row in dataset

My users have already filled out a form. I want them to be able to fill out the same form and create new entries based on the values they input. When the new row is created by a button click and they go to enter new data, they only are able to edit the previous entries information, it does not get saved to the new row. How Can I change this? Basically, they need to be able to add a new row and only edit that new row via form entry, not and old row they previously entered data for.

Show Form Screen action: This will allow users to add a row of data to the table of your choosing.

When a user navigates to the details screen of this added item, or directly on the item in a collection, the Show Edit Screen action will allow users to edit this row.

Its still only letting me change data for old entries. How do I fix this? Any way to make it multistep aswell?

When you add a new tab, there is the option to add a “Multi-step form”. You could add it and study how it’s done.


Instead of a button that first adds a new row, and then having to navigate to the edit screen for that new row, have you considered changing your button to Show Form Screen and then set default values from the original row or pass those values through the form using value components?

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