Editing by multiple users at the same time

I am working on a savings calculator for refinancing a mortgage. There are several fields that an individual needs to edit by inputting their specific information. This works great if there is only one person editing the information, but if two people are using the app, the edits by user 2 will overwrite the user one’s input, causing the calculations to change and the information to no longer be accurate. I want the app to be used by anyone that might want the information. So, I don’t have all the email addresses for all the potential users. I was trying to figure out if I could create another row that would then be take the edits of the second user only, leaving the first user’s info untouched, but I can’t figure out how to make that work. Any thoughts?

Use a form?

Would that work you think? I don’t know much about using forms, but if that would allow multiple users to enter info and get the resulting figures without another user’s input changing their info, I would be all about learning how to use a form. Any certain video or resource you would recommend to learn more?

I am messing around with this now. Is there a way to get the form submission information back into the Google sheet for calculation and then display of the resulting figures? Thank you!

Form submissions automatically go to you sheet, that’s how forms work: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/guides/quick-starts/intermediate-techniques/forms

Then you can use that data in calculations or other parts of your app.

Thank you David - For some reason, yesterday, the form was only writing to the Data sheet. I recreated the form on my laptop, and it did write to the Google sheet as well and isn’t writing over the first users info, which is great! Do you know how I can get the formulas in my main sheet to read the from the most recent data in the Form Submission tab? I hope you don’t mind the questions!

Here’s another thread on creating a calculator.

Right now you would need to enable email sign in to only allow a user to see their own calculations.

The simplest way to only show the last calculated item would be to change your tab to the detail style layout, and set the sort order to reverse order, so that latest item is on top. The detail style layout only displays the first record in a sheet (that matches any filtering and sorting)


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