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Hi everyone, I wanted a hand with my project, I used a Google Sheet instead of a glide data table, since I had to use formulas that I don’t think can be created with glide tables, the problem now is that I noticed that if I modify a value that is contained in my sheet, that value will be modified for all users with the value that I entered, which does not happen with the calculations that I have done with the glide tables (i.e. that each user only displays their own values, and if someone enters another value only they will see it), is there a solution? Did I do something wrong? Or can I implement this function on glide in such a way as to create a table bypassing sheet?


Thanks for your attention, you are a fantastic community for the support you are giving me!

I forgot that I noticed that when I do a new calculation with the functions taken from Google sheet, the results tend to be exact after 10 seconds of waiting, as if the data were to arrive in Google sheet, then it calculates them and then gives the result and for doing this operation takes at least 10 seconds, which doesn’t happen with glide tables

Your description sounds like there’s something wrong with the flow here. Can you describe more about your flow and what D12 represents?

Yes, because you’re relying on a Sheet formula to calculate it, that’s the exact representation.

I apologize because I provided the formula from my original excel and not the one from Google Sheet.

The user must enter a2 (sph) and b2 (cyl) c2 (ax) and d2 (HVID) as values, then subsequently non-approximated calculations will be made in e2 (non-approximated sph) and f2 (non-approximated cyl) and finally on g2 (sph correctly approximated) there will be the formula I provided, while in f2 (cyl correctly approximated) there will be the following formula:

Now if I connect to the app from my phone with my account and enter values ​​in a2 b2 c2 and d2, these values ​​will be replaced and will be the same for all users, which I don’t want to happen because every user should be free to have personal values, so if I “Maria” enter numbers I don’t want these numbers to change on “Antonio’s” app after 10 seconds.
alternatively I would prefer to make a table on glide as I did previously (because everything works correctly and this problem doesn’t happen), do you think there is a way to use this formula on your tables? or is there a way to ensure that these values ​​are personal and do not change for all users?

What should appear on the screen to users after they have entered a2 b2 c2 d2 on the first page should after the calculations be in order g2 f2 and c2, except that if I replace the values ​​in a2 b2 c2 d2 they will be visible to all users those values ​​and therefore the calculation will be carried out on the most recent values, let me explain better, if “maria” inserts the values ​​in a2 b2 c2 d2 first, and at the same time “antonio” replaces the values ​​in a2 b2 c2 d2 , the calculation resulting from g2 f2 and c2, will be that of “antonio” also for “maria”, because “antonio” is the last to have inserted a2 b2 c2 d2.

I think this is basically what you want. You can do it in glide and use user specific columns so the experience is unique to each user.

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You are a wonderful community, you really manage to solve every problem :heart:


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