Database not updating from glide to sheets cause of sheets automations?

If i edit data from glide it doesn’t really take it and doens’t transfer to sheets so it doesn’t work and if I enter data from a form I can’t edit it later in glide.

I recently used query and unique functions in sheets so I don’t know if that might have broken it.

Also, I rebooted my pc and I had to reconnect sheets to glide, but bug is still there

Any guesses?


Are you using arrayformulas anywhere? Is data writing to the very bottom of your google sheet?
Are you attemping to write any data from glide into the sheet with the query/unique formulas?
When you click on Reload in the glide editor, does it pull in data from the sheet?
Are you using google forms??? If so, why not a form in the app?

I’m using glide forms, the problem might be that the unique function formula is where the value is going to be? so maybe glide doesn’t see a value but a formula?
I’m new to sheets so I don’t know if that’s normal or not.

Some cells in sheets are darker grey, what does that mean?

There’s a similar problem here:

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Not sure I follow, but you shouldn’t be writing to the sheet that’s dynamically built from a formula. If I understand your use of Unique, it’s to build a list of unique categories of some sort. This should be in it’s own sheet. Any form data should be written to your original sheet and the sheet with the formula will build off of that data.

Glide will only interpret the visible data on that sheet that’s built from a formula. It does not see formulas that are used in the sheet.

Darker cells google sheets probably mean that the colors were set somehow. Possibly by you. I don’t think glide can set cell formatting/colors in the google sheet.

If you have any screenshots or videos to help explain what kind of problem you are having, that would help a lot. Otherwise it’s hard to understand what you are doing or expecting it to do, or what’s not working as expected.

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The same thing happened to me, make a copy of the app, it has worked for me