Get form details and show calculated results

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Recently purchased the Pro version and loving it so far! Such great features - makes building an app a breeze!

Need some assistance on something though (advanced I feel)… How do I present the results of a complex calculation to a user, derived from a form submitted by the same user, as soon as he hits the submit button?

Also, how do I trace back each form entry to the logged in user? I have added an email column and made it “row owner” but then can’t figure out the traceability part.

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When Glide writes the new data back to the Google sheet after a form submission it then pulls data back to Glide from that same sheet. I have seen some cases where there are complex calculations that take a significant amount of time and have not completed before the time when the data is retrieved from the sheet and sent back to the Glide app. I assume that the calculation is some complex that it can’t be done in the Math or Rollup Glide columns. If it could be done then there would be little to no delay.

As for linking the logged in user to an entry all you need do is add a Special Values/ Users Email component to the form and save it to that email column along with the other data collected by the form.

Thanks for the quick assist @George_B! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi @Hakim_Falul

I think my App demo can help you to understand what to do.