How to display user specific data & for each person


I have a form in my app:

Once users put in their information and hit submit, it goes to my LP calculator sheet below. Which works fine and the result is specific to each user input for the LP meaning.

But I don’t want the user to see the calculation sheet, so I have on submit that the LP meaning sheet below is what the user will see with their specific data.

I used a relation column to connect the image in LP meaning sheet to the LP calculator sheet–LP meaning, but when I hit submit nothing shows. I just get this.

The image shows but the corresponding information from LP Calculator-LP meaning doesn’t.

How do I fix this? What did I do wrong?

Is the url for the image supposed to match the IF column value of any rows in your LP calculator table. I know the answer, but I’m asking an obvious question. You are using a relation, which will take the value in the image column (it’s URL), and look for any rows in the LP calculator table where the image url matches what’s in the LP meaning column. Obviously the LP meaning column does not contain a url, so the relation will never find a value that matches what’s in the image column.

I have some thoughts to greatly simplify this. Possibly with a single table and a single row, but we need to back up a little bit first. When you say rows in the LP Calculator table are specific to a user, what in that row identifies the user that each row belongs to? I don’t see any user specific columns. I don’t see any email columns, or any sort of User ID to identify who the row belongs to. I just see some user entered values, some math columns, and an IF column.

Also, do you need to keep a running history of form submissions? This could be simplified with a single table, single row, with user specific columns to hold each user’s unique value. This would do away with the need for a form since you would just update a single existing row instead. But if you need a history, and a way to see this data yourself, then maybe you need a running history borbit would be better to store it in a user profile table.

Also, could a user have multiple different entries, or would it only be a single entry per user? I assume these are birthdays and nobody has more than one birthday.

The best way I can describe it is that, I don’t necessarily need the user to enter their email just to input their info. I want my app to be open to anybody to use. And should be usable as many times as they want to enter it their information. I would only need the email information in another page if the user wanted to buy my services, so I guess in that instance I would need to keep a track of their information, but I’m not there yet. I just want that whenever someone enters their information it goes into the LP calculation to calculate and just spits out the LP meaning for that particular calculation on their screen. I don’t know how to connect the LP calculation meaning result onto their screen. When I connect the submit button to the LP calculation sheet it doesn’t work. That’s why I thought of creating another page and using the relation would connect them. It’s essentially works like a calculator at this point. So if I can put in one sheet would be fine. I going to try see I could get it to work from one sheet.

I got it to work but it’s showing the first item on the list instead of outputting the information for what was just put in. I need to reload back to nothing so it only puts out the result for the exact input of the person. Actually the current entry result is there, but it’s appearing at the top in banner, while the 1st entry in the list is appearing in the body.

I would recommend a single row Glide helper table for this, with user specific columns. All calculations will take place in a single row, but each user will see their own results.

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I was able to put everything in one table as you suggested and used relation to connect the LP # with the LP meaning.

But after I press submit I get this…

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 5.24.13 PM

At the top of the screen it shows the correct LP number, but the text is still from the first entry. How do I fix this with the user specific columns? I looked on line to find example, but couldn’t find anything.

You shouldn’t need to submit anything. If it’s set up how I would do it, your entire app would have one table with one row only. The user would get instant results as they are typing their birthday. Looks like you are still writing the values to a different table??? It’s hard to tell what your app flow is like.

The problem is that your screen filter (or lack there of) is linked to the first row in the table, but I’m still not sure how you know which row belongs to each user.

I would need to see more to understand your app flow and all the columns (and column types) contained in your tables.

I do want to have a submit button because the calculation is in the LP calculation sheet. How do you unlink the screen filter from the first row and have it work for each new row.?

This is the Home Screen

This is the submit screen

The title is the LP result and the data is the path calculation sheet but I use a relation column that connects the LP result with the LP Meaning. The LP result is correct at the top, but the LP meaning is stuck on just the first entry for some reason. Is there any way to fix it being linked on just the first entry to match up with the LP result.

Well, the advice from Darren and I regarding a single row table isn’t very useful then if you want to keep a separate table with separate rows for each form submission. It looks like you are using a native form anyway, which isn’t what we tried to describe. What we were describing was a way to have the results from several users in one single row without a user seeing the results from another user.

Your home tab simply has a form button to open the form. The form submits to the calculation table. Your On Submit action on the form opens a new screen to the unfiltered calculation table. I see that you are passing in a calculated title into that new screen, but I’m not really sure I understand where that number is coming from. If it’s coming from the Home table, then how does it get populated in the home tab? (This part I’m really curious about because it may determine other ways to do this with your existing setup.)

So, I will ask again, what is it in your table that identifies that a particular row belongs to a particular user? Do you require users to sign in before using the app? Simply filtering to the last row would mean that every single user is going to see the results from the last row, regardless if it’s from the date they entered or not. I think it would be quite confusing if someone is viewing their results, and then someone else submits a form, which causes the original user’s results to change.

I will reiterate, that this entire app could be done with one single row in one single table. Basically your home tab would have user specific columns for month day and year. You could simply place entry components on the detail screen, or you could have a button that opens the Edit form, so a user can change the values in that single row. The home table would also contain the calculations.
You could have visibility conditions on components on your home tab. If you use entry components on directly on the detail screen, then you could have a submit button which will do nothing more than set a value, such as true, to another user specific column. This true value could be used to hide the the entry components and show the results of the calculation. If instead, you use the Edit form, then once it’s submitted, then you could set up your visibility conditions to look at month, day, and year to determine if the results of the calculation should be shown or not. It would all be one screen, one table, and one row. The user specific columns would allow the experience to be unique for each user regardless if they are signed in or not. That’s the way I would do it because it would be extremely efficient and save a ton on rows.

Now, if you want to stick with your existing method, then you need a reliable way to identify a user. That is the problem you have now. You are writing dates to you LP Calculations table, but you have no reliable way to identify which row belongs to which user.

You could also do a hybrid of of the single row method, but still write the results to a separate table, but the home table would ultimately do all the work and the LP table would just be a log of all of the results.

I hope I’m clear on why you are having problems. Also, I hope I’m clear on the alternative ways to set this up.

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The home only consist of

That’s for the first page. The first button pulls up the form page which goes to this table.

On submit it goes to another screen that pulls the LP # that from the list right after the sum & LP meaning which is next to it. As you can see from the screenshot below. The LP# is current, but the LP meaning is not. I don’t understand why it pulls the correct LP #, but is stuck on pulling the correct LP meaning.

I do like my existing method, but I don’t know how to do this “You could also do a hybrid of of the single row method, but still write the results to a separate table, but the home table would ultimately do all the work and the LP table would just be a log of all of the results.”

But is there any method that I could have everything done on LP Calculator? It pulls up the correct LP number, but not the correct LP Meaning. Like for the screenshot of the phone, the the LP of 4 is correct. When you look at the LP calculator sheet, the last entry is the new one with the LP # being 4 and the LP meaning is also for 4, but on the screenshot of the phone, it’s pulling up the LP meaning for number 9. This is the problem I’m having. I want each entries result to have the correct PL # & LP meaning.

You are setting the title On Submit before going to the next screen. It’s probably grabbing the calculated value. The next screen has no filter set, and is probably using the default table sort order, so it grabs whatever is in the first row.

If you want to stick with your current setup, change the sorting on your new screen to reverse sheet order, so the last row is first. Then the screen will display the last row. That will give you exactly what you are wanting and asking for, but won’t work very well if more than one person is using the app. If user1 and user2 are both viewing the same results screen, both user1 and user2 will see the results of whoever submitted the form last.

Ok I’ll try doing that. Thanks again.