Multiple DETAILs from a single SHEET?

I see that you can have multiple TABs with different features, filters, etc. all sourcing from the same SHEET.

But it doesn’t appear that the same is true of DETAIL layouts. I spent some time last night thinking I was making great progress, only to find I had undone a bunch of work elsewhere!

Use Case example:
*DETAIL layout for a SHEET is a form entry.
*Elsewhere in my app I want a user to be able to set a Boolean flag in that form’s sheet. That flag essentially ‘deletes’ the entry - without actually deleting - so that it’s no longer returned in subsequent queries on other pages. There are a ton of dependencies generated around that initial form generation, so an accidental delete could be very costly. But I can remove it from the entire workflow by just eliminating it from the subsequent Queries.

I’ve got some ideas about how to handle this from another sheet (ACTION > SET COLUMN, etc) but just trying to understand the architecture here. Is it fair to say that TABS are like a skin that wraps around the essence? The essence would be the LAYOUT (LIST, DETAIL, SLIDER, etc) of which there can be only one per sheet. If so, fair enough. I just need to understand the limitations.


Yeah, I think you have a basic understanding. Like I always say “layouts are tied to sheets”. I think of it this way. Any top level of a hierarchy can have an independent screen layout and design, such as the top level of a Tab or a Link to Screen button. Any levels below that will respect the same details layout you created against that sheet.

You can work around this by turning on ‘Independent Screen Configuration’, but then you would have to design the screen for each and every list item. Independent Screen Configuration is only really good for creating a navigation menu from a list. I don’t really ever use it myself.