Can you have different Detail screen Layouts

I am creating an app of customer information but I want to have two different tabs that use the same sheets but I want the link to to the Detail screens each to have their own different layout? Is this possible? I want to have different Detail screens to edit different parts of the customer data. Any suggestions?

Yes. Check the box for independent screen configuration in the features tab of the inline list.


@Robert_Petitto for the slam dunk!


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I don’t get that option on the inline list on my screen?

Set the action to “View details” to see if it appears.

Thank you, the option is there now. Is there any way to identify the screens in case I use a third inline list and I want to use one of the layouts I already setup or do I need to check the independent box and create a third layout?

If you have already checked the independent configuration, I think it will not be possible to use the layouts you already setup because it will honor the “independent” settings.

Correct. You’ll need to rebuild.

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