Alternative Detail Screen

Hello, I am trying to create an alternative detail screen.

I am trying to understand the “independent screen configuration per item” option of the Action: Show Detail Screen, but I infer that it is truly a one-time-use screen.

I want the components of this new screen to be constant throughout the app so I want it to behave exactly like my existing detail screen–but a different layout.

I’m experimenting with:

  • Action: Go to tab
  • Action: Show new screen
  • Detail screen’s “independent screen configuration per item” option

Am I either:

  • Just missing something?
  • Misunderstanding how to use independent screen configuration?
  • Or can I not create an alternate details screen?

Thanks, Gliders!

Independent screen configuration is going to give you a unique screen for each list item. You’ll have to create every detail screen from scratch using that option.

If the screens are similar then you could use copy all → paste all components from one screen to the other making your changes along the way.

Just thinking out loud you could set a column value when entering the details screen that you could rule the visibility settings with.

i.e. if user open the details screen from Home screen set column value ‘Default’
if user opens detail screen from Team screen set column value ‘Alternate’

Then configure your on screen components visibility around Default and Alternate. You could also use a boolean column to hold your choice… if alternate screen ‘is not true’ if alternate screen ‘is true’

I was playing around a little bit and it might work if you use if-then logic in a custom action.

i.e. if home screen show details screen else show new screen