Possible to show different detail screens for same screen?

I have a dashboard taking user as a source.
I have two different buttons that “open a new detail screen” set to “this item” but each new detail screen needs two different layouts.

I thought i had it figured out by switching on “Independent screen configuration per item” but I now realise that it’s an independent screen configuration pr user. The layouts I do one place changes when i switch user.

Is there a way to have create a new detail screen layout for each button, but have it consistent for all users?

It shouldn’t be.

But anyway, what you want here is Show New Screen → this item

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:exploding_head: How easy thank you for pointing out the obvious to me :wink:

On a side note I recorded a little loom showing my setup the layouts seems to change when I change user:

I just had a look at this, and I think I can see what’s going on there.

When you use Independent Screen Configuration, each item in a list has its own details screen, and each must be configured separately. Another way to think of that is “each row in the table”.

So what I believe is going on there is when you switch users, the screen is attaching itself to a different row - one that hasn’t had its details screen configured yet - and so you just get a default details screen.

There are very few practical use cases for Independent Screen Configuration, which I suspect is one reason why it hasn’t been made available in Pages. The most common use case in Apps is where you use an Inline List as a navigation menu - where you’ll have a small(ish) fixed list of items, with each leading to a different functional area of your App.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy it makes sense when you explain it this way. I was trying to figure out what use case such a function would have but it makes…

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