Show different versions of a screen?

Hey guys I am sorry for this question, as I should understand this better. However, is it not possible to show different layouts for different screens when using Link To Screen as an action?

I noticed this user had the same question, and it was never responded to. Different Link to Screen Option

Thanks in advance.

Link to Screen is a details layout that’s tied to that specific button. Would it work if you created multiple Link to Screen buttons and only should the one you need depending on some visibility conditions?

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That’s just it. I did do that man. So I created a Tab with a button that linked to a screen. Configured that screen for a user. Then I created and Admin area using yet another Tab and from there a button to link to screen for a Admin layout. Live edit if your will. But the two are the same. I modified one and they both changed.

Hmmm, that seems weird. It’s always been my understanding that the top level of both tabs and link to screen would always have and independent screen layout. Otherwise a detail screen from from a list would have the layout attached to the sheet. I’ll have to test this out, because I don’t think that’s the way it should be working…or at least not how it used to work. Can you share the settings you are using for your Link to Screen action on each button?

WAIT! It is actually the Details view for a single item.

  • Setup

TAB: Programs (This is for the User)

Cards that link to the details of a item

MENU: Programs (This is for the Admin)

Button to display Program cards > Cards that link to the details of an item

Or is that what this for?

I thought this would basically allow you to use a separate layout per item Like each program have its own layout. I would like for each one to have the same layout but only per screen.

If the link to screen button is on a detail screen from a list, then it’s most likely the same button, but you are possibly viewing two different rows in the same sheet. When you added that button for the admin or the customer, was it already visible when you went to add it to the other tab? If it was, then it’s definitely the same button.

The independent screen configuration is there to allow you to break up each individual item in a list so the details layout for each list item can be designed independently. This is great if you have a static number of rows, but if the number of rows can change, then you are forced to designed each detail screen for each item in a list.

So then a details screen will always be the same no matter where the user is directed from then?

Correct. With the exception of the top level of a tab, or the top level of a link to screen, (or independent screen configuration), detail layouts become attached to the sheet at any level below that top level. So if you were to access the same sheet from 20 different tabs and displayed a list of rows from that same sheet, the details for each item would be the same no matter which tab you used to get to that row. That layout becomes attached to the sheet.

Gotcha! Thanks for the clarity @Jeff_Hager!

Do you know of any other workaround for this?
I am currently just using a role for the visibility of different options per user. Is this the best solution?

I would think you could create two separate link to screen buttons, and then conditionally show each one depending on the signed in user’s role.

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I will give this a go!
Thank-you again!

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@Daniel_Canup did you find another workaround or configured visibility criteria for each role type? I’m hesitant to do so as the number of items is quite high and it’s more error prone (plus I cannot change tab title) then simply configuring two different views.

  • Client view: 1st tab in details style for one sheet
  • Admin view: 2nd tab in details style for another sheet

Both have an inline list linked via a relation to a shared “orders sheet”. The view of clicking an item from that inline list is linked and cannot be configured independently for each use case.

So the thing that I was having issues with was the fact that I was using a detail screen. Which is the reason it was showing the same information each and every time. My solution for this particular situation was that I added admin and user items to the page itself and then conditionally controlled their visibility each individually as needed.

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Thanks, then I will do the same. I prefer using the detail over other styles as it gives you more freedom in the design.

Would be great to be able to define different views and not having to jump through loops by creating visibility criteria.