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Hey there!

My app has a main screen with a list of buttons. Each button should lead to a detail screen where I want to show different information. For that to work, I’ve setup the button with a “show detail screen for menu” action and checked the “Independent screen configuration per item”.

I then configured each detail screen to show different information. All working good for the first user I have in my app, the one I used to setup that flow.

When I try to register a new account though, it’s not picking up the detail screen setup I defined. In the new account, each button leads to the default detail screen.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

Can you share some screenshots of how you’re setting up the inline list?

I don’t have a list, but individual buttons like this

And they should open a detail screen, but each of them should show a different information.

I’m confused. Only an inline list gives you the option to turn on independent screen configuration. How are you doing that with buttons?

I have buttons on my screen with this action setup

That seems odd for a button. I think it’s intended for lists. I think you should be using the Show New Screen action instead.


Indeed, that works as I wanted. Thank you!

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