Independent screen configuration per item seems to disappear

I have an old app I used to make as a project. I could match the card according to the independent detailed screen. The old project I have done still shows that option.

Now the UI has been changed, I have been trying to find this option but couldn’t. When I make a new project with old spreadsheets the UI is new and that option is not found.
I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be right here under the Action option.

Is there anyone who can help pointing out where it is? Been trying to look for this for days, just found the old archives which didn’t really help much.

This is the old project I have done and when I opened it up, the option is still there (with old UI)

This option doesn’t exist in the new Apps.
The way to get the same functionality is to use a custom action with a separate conditional branch for each collection item.

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Do you mind walking me through the steps?
I have done something like this and had to select “Go to Tab” action. The “Show detailed screen” action doesn’t allow me to show the detailed of other tab.

This allows me to navigate through tabs but I have to hide them and created the home button to work around. Not sure if there’s similar way of how to do this like before, show detailed screen of different tabs.

Yes, what you have looks like the right approach.
If you want to open a detail screen in some other table, then you would need to establish a single relation first between the current table and the destination table. And then you could do a show details screen via that relation.

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Hi, the “Go to Tab” option works but with the “Independent screen configuration” when you click an option menu you had the return button to the main menu. With the “Go to Tab” you can’t return with a “back” button, you have to use the down menu. Is there any way to insert a “back to the main menu” button in the tab?

You could try adding a button with a ‘Go Back’ action. Or, you could maybe get the deep link to that home screen and create a button that goes to that deep link.

In any case, Independent Screen Configuration is on Glide’s near term roadmap.

I created the button which leads to Home tab in all the tabs.

We need “Independent Screen configuration per item” in the new version of Apps

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Just so you are aware, you can do the same effect with those method.


Indeed. Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

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Hi Darren
I could not do this in my apps. new one as old one. I create conditional branch for each collection item but i m not able to save my custom tree structure.
Thanks for help

Can you show us how you’re configuring your action and related components?