Different view for new detail

Say I have a list of items and I would like to show the detail in different ways. How do I avoid to overwrite the previous using I create new detail view…?

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Sorry this is not quite the answer I am looking for. The text says:

With lists – the default behavior is that each details screen within that list shares the same set of components. If you delete one component from one item, all the items will no longer have that same component.

I have experienced this - causes a lot of wasted time.

However, you can enable independent configuration for each screen, meaning you can have a totally unique layout of components for each item.

Yes this looked promising until I realized that it literary means every item.

Here is my problem - I have a list of jobs

In one screen I am letting the user to manage his jobs.

In another I would like to do with same job - item something else ie show a summary of his reports.
When I applied your advise, I was able to this for one job:

But the next item - job also required a new setup - which would not be practical for hundreds of jobs.

I must be missing something, Please help.

One trick that might help:

  • you always go to the same screen next
  • you want to show different things on that next screen (eg a button, a column, etc)

Add a column for that sheet to control what the user might see next (toggle-ordering - Boolean)
In the inline list action, do a set column (this item) to set the toggle
Then in the Action, view details

In the details screen, use visibility conditions to control what is available for the user.

Hope that helps!


Of course, what a beauty…Thanks

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Most of the magic in Glide world comes from thinking creatively about problems :slight_smile: :slight_smile: the answer is rarely actually a no… usually you just have to ask the question in a different way, and then if needed, think outside the Glide box to talk to other systems.