Independent Screen Configurations

Some of you have already noticed this one! :wink:

With lists – the default behavior is that each details screen within that list shares the same set of components. However, you can enable independent configuration for each screen, meaning you can have a totally unique layout of components for each item.

There are many different reasons why you might want to do this, but one of the most compelling ones is to turn normal list layouts into menus. In the app below, each item takes users to a unique screen and therefore acts like traditional app tabs.

Read more in our docs.


Thank you Jack, have a nice day!

Ouh that maybe something that I can try today with my “favourites” tab issue. Thanks, looks great


Looks like the above Gif is going to be my favorite expression with these new features. Thanks @JackVaughan


Very usefull
But I don’t see an option how to add the title “Welcome to Sifta!” & paragraph below

@ran091 use a detail layout and add text components and an inline list component.

Thanks a lot.
I should have know it already

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So nice!
I wish it could align to the right for Hebrew+Arabic

Before this new feature was available I used an inline list as a menu but as a result, I have a set of many components that are managed with visibility features. In reality for each menu item, I need only two of them.

Question: Does this type of configuration (I mean big set of non used components) affect the performance of the app (how much if yes) and will it be better from this point of view remake this configuration using independent screen configuration?

Hi all,

Trying to set this up to act as a admin tab. Can you go straight from a list view like in @JackVaughan 's example to a form by clicking on one of the items, or do I have to have an intermediate screen with a form button on?

Make a quasi form by putting the data entry components you need (text entry, image picker etc) on the linked screen?

Thanks Jaime. I understand what you mean but (I think) that won’t allow me to capture custom fields (E.g. email of submitter, date, etc.) without making them have to also enter those manually.

I think all independent views will take you directly to a detail view for that row item. You would probably need the intermediate screen.

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Thanks Jeff

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Hi! Is there a template that has this type of menu of sections that link to sub-screens?

I created a few examples of menus without issue, but I am striking out trying to link each one to a different sub-section of the app. Is there an existing template that shows this “relation” configuration?

Are you looking for something like this?

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Cool, Action > View Details > Check Independent Screen Config … and then the next page becomes a detail page (related to a new sheet) if we want it to act as a landing page on its own. And it seems like this could be done multiple levels deep.

This looks like the way I have been doing it, but still didn’t hurt to see if there was a different way to manage menu launchpads.

Thank you for your reply.