Different List layout (newbie question)

After reading a lot and watching many videos, I decided to start making my own app and see how far I will come.
So far, things are going okay, but I have one question and I am not sure if it is even possible or not or what I maybe be doing wrong.
Sorry if maybe I don’t know all the right words/terms yet.
I have made an app to keep track of the scale models that I have built, or are building, or that are waiting to be built.
In my app, I have 4 tabs. (Work in progress, Done, To be built, Wishlist)
In each tab, I have a tiles style. This view has an image and under that the title (the model name) and details. In my case that is the brand and scale.
When I tap on the image, I get a list of all the details.
When I go to the next tab and tap the image, I get the same list.
But I would like that these detail lists can have different details.
For example, in my “wish list”, I have a switch that I can set to wishlist or my “to be built” list. But I don’t want to see this switch in my “To be built”, “Done”, or “work in progress” detail list.
But if I remove that option on the left panel, it disappears on all my list views.
Also in my wishlist list, but that is the place where I would like to keep that switch.
How do I do this, or is it even possible to do this.
I hope my question is clear and that you understand what I would like to do.
The plan that I am using is the free plan. Right now I have no plans to upgrade but maybe if my apps are getting bigger and more complicated/complex, I will think of upgrading.
Many thanks in advance for all your tips and help.


Your app sounds interesting.

Is this the kind of thing you are after?


you are having a standard structure data problem… you do not need separate tabs or sheets for that, just 1 list, 1 tab…
add a column “Category” where you assign a category like done, whish list, in progress… then simply use the choice component to filter your data…
having only one list will save you work transferring your models to the other list … when you decide to start building one of your wish list models…
You will need to upgrade if your model’s list pass 500 rows - operating rows


Thanks for the tip.
I had seen that option and tried it, but it looked like it was not working.
I think I will try to look into it and see how it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the tip.
Right now I am using 1 list and use an in-app filter (if I am saying it right) to show the different lists in each tab. I am filtering on, if the finished date is empty, or not empty.
But I did not try the choice component. I will give your idea a go. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could use the same conditions that you are using for your filters, but to show or hide certain components on your detail screen.

Detail screen layouts are linked to the table, so if you design the screen once, it will be the same throughout the app, no matter which tab or list you navigate from.

If your data was in separate tables, then you wouldn’t have this problem because detail screen designs would be linked to separate tables. However, I think you are fine with a single table like you have it now.

Independent Screen Configuration will not work for you, because your would have to design detail screens for every single model (list item) that you add. That feature only makes sense when you have a small list of items that doesn’t change.

A single tab with a choice component would work as an alternative to your separate tab idea, but it still doesn’t fix the problem. You would still have either four lists that each show based on the choice selection or a single list filtered by the choice selection, but the data would still be coming from the same table, so you still have a single detail screen layout that’s linked to the table.

I think the easiest solution is to create an IF column in your table that can look at your data and determine which category each list item falls into, and return the appropriate result. For example:

IF completed date is not empty, Then ‘done’.
ELSE IF started date is not empty, Then ‘workinprogress’
ELSE IF ‘To Be Built’ is True Then ‘tobebuilt’
ELSE ‘wishlist’

Use whichever criteria makes sense to you. Once you have that IF column, you can easily use it to filter your data and to set visibility conditions on your detail screen, (such as the switch that you want if your wishlist items). You can keep your separate tab layout if you choose, or use a single tab with a choice component. That part is up to you.


After reading some tips and help, and after a good night’s sleep, I have changed my app.
Instead of using 4 tabs, I am now using 2 tabs.
I am also using the choice component and filters and sort.
I just started all over and so far things are working the way I like it.
I had some problems with deleting rows.
I also was using the “on activity” (or something like that) to delete a row. But two times I accidentally touched an item in my list and it disappeared.
So I had changed the activity to go into edit mode. At the bottom is the option to delete the item.
It looks like this is working. And it is a little bit saver.
Everyone, thank you for all your tips and help.
On to the next challenge/project :slightly_smiling_face:


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