Column options in a form coming from a tab different than the DESTINATION sheet that the form is writing to

I added a FORM component and selected a destination sheet, but when I try to ADD a column value to the form, the options are columns that are from the Home tab in my google sheet. Any thoughts on why this is happening? I reviewed the “working with column values” section of the library and it says that the column values are every column in the selected sheet. >1min video here:


Column values come from the detail screen where you have the form button. For example, if you have a a list of products and you click to view a specific product…if you put a form button on that products detail screen, then you will have access through column values to any of the columns from that specific product. In this example you could write a review for that product through the form and automatically include the product id or name.

That makes sense, the location of the form was in an inline list located on a tab where those columns were coming from. I had to create a new tab and move this form (along with what I’m trying to build with it), to a new tab and the correct columns appeared. Thank you!

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