In forms, Sheet columns not coming

Hello All,

When I add form button on Unrelated sheet to make entry for a different sheet, then in TEXT component, that sheet (for which I’m making form) columns are not coming. Have anyone else faced this ?? (And yes screen columns are also not coming for that sheet) …
Thanks !

*EDIT :Here is Screenshot :

You question is a bit difficult to understand. Maybe you could add a couple of screen shots to help demonstrate the problem?

@Darren_Murphy Screenshot added…

Can you show what your Orders sheet looks like?

Have around 50 columns (Gsheet + glide columns) in this sheet tab…

No, I mean the Google Sheet (or Glide Table) named “Orders”

You can recreate scenario by yourself … just add form button on any unrelated sheet (the sheet on which you created form button and the sheet you choose for form entry must be different) and add any text component to it and then see in drop-down … columns of linked form sheet are missing …

Yes, I just tried that and it works fine. Would you be willing to share your app with me privately so that I can take a look?

I’m having the same problem.

When adding a block of text into a form, I can’t call that text from a column header in the form sheet, it can only come from the screen that the form button is on. Mildly annoying, unless (as usual) I am missing something.

Are you using a compound action to display the form?

No, just a normal action button.

I guess it means a form is just a subsection of a page, therefore it makes sense that you can only display data from that page. Seems a shame that I can’t use data from the forms sheet to display text, but I will find a way.

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