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I am kind of buffled. I have been working on a free glide bazaar app that I have modified to near my liking. What however puzzles me, is the shear amount I get something done perfectly; like layouts, adding components, editing tables and so forth only to see that those changes have been undone. Its like a do 10 steps forward then go back 8 and its frustrating. Yesterday was worse. All I got done in 5 or so hours of tinkering got undone and its kind of hard to retrace my steps as most of those steps are completely gone. For example, if you switch through layouts, lets say, from lists to details, you have to go back to select your prefered layout data when you comeback to lists as everything resets. You even loose features. Anybody experiencing the same frustration? I thought i was getting good at doing some of these things after spending hours and hours digesting knowledge on here.

Can you make a video to show the reset happening?

Why are you switching the layout from list to details?
You should configure the details page for your list by visiting the details page of one of the list items.

Thanks David for your help.

[quote=“david, post:2, topic:10864”]
Why are you switching the layout from list to details?
[/quote] I was testing user experience.

Its exactly what i am doing doing. Let me try to reproduce the issues and I will give you feedback.

Youre right in one aspect. If you craft a layout using one view and then switch views (details to List, cards to tiles, etc), and then switch back, your view will reset. To get your view back, you’ll need to undo.

Thanks Robert. I thought I was loosing my mind. The other thing driving me insane is conditional editing. They work sometimes and sometimes roll back. Take a look at the screen. if you look at, you will see that the app has 3 main parts. Surplus yard (all listings from the community) My listings (my own listed items and here I can add listings or click in the listings and be able to edit. I am using “allow editing if user is signed in user” but unfortunately, that edit applies to all listings including in menu 1 (surplus Yard) allowing user to edit stuff that is not theirs. What could I be doing wrong? It seems like I figure it out and then it un does as stated in the OP. ![Screen the last screen is when the edit is applied but then it will also show on the “surplus yard” where it shouldn’t. The goal of that tab is to just list all listings from the community and allow users to browse them. Believe me, I have done it before and it got undone somehow.

Do both tabs share the same sheet? If so, can you show the filtering conditions for both tabs? I’m a little confused, will any of the My Listings items show on the Surplus tab? I’m not clear if you want that to happen or not.
Can you show the condition setting you have to allow editing?

I thought they had fixed this to some level. Maybe not entirely? I’ve seen it save and not save layouts, but usually I don’t mess with it once I have it set or I just use the undo button.

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So the first screen is the surplus yard screen. Look at the left and you will notice that I am not allowing users to add or edit any items. The second screen, that is when I click into any of the listings (they are done by different users with different email addresses (the app is public with email) so you will notice that you can edit. It appears that one could edit listings that dont belong to them.
Unless I have some logic going on wrong somewhere. I had nailed it down yesterday and then it all reset back to where i am having trouble fixing it. Thanks Robert

Basically; “surplus yard” should be the landing page where all products listed by the user community is listed. I don’t know why they both “surplus yard” and “My Listings” seem to be pulling from the same sheet and I can figure how to do it the right way.

Can I ask where you are getting the ‘Email’ part of your editing condition? Is it a column in your listings sheet?

What do you mean you don’t know why they are pulling from the same sheet? Isn’t that how you set it up. That statement is confusing to me. It’s my understanding that anything added by a user in My Listings should be showing up along with other user’s listings in the Surplus tab. Is that correct or am I still not understanding something?

Hi Jeff,

Sorry I was confusing there. Its coming from the same sheet and yes all the listings are showing up there. What I need is the right statement so editing conditions can only apply to “my listings”

Just solved the issue. Its using a condition if “Email is signedin-user” allow editing. It didn’t work yesterday but I today is its working. Thanks all for the help

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