Keeps defaulting to a layout; doesn't save changes

The changes I make to my app in the List and Detail screen are getting lost. This is only happening on one tab. It seems to remember the changes i make to layout on the other tabs. However for this one specific tab it seems to have decided what the layout should be and will not let me define which fields i want it to show under title, detail, caption. No matter how many times I change it, it keeps defaulting to the same view when i go back.

Have you tried creating a new sheet and copying all the info from the one that isn’t working to it? The remove the one that is not working.

Have your refreshed the app page or restarted the browser? Do you have the builder open on another computer?

Just tried that. But doesn’t work. Even the new sheet I copied the data to and added to the app exhibits the same behavior.

I think it has something to do with the way the app is assigning datatypes. My columns have numbers but they are being assigned as text in the datasheet in the app. Can I force the app to change the column type to a number on the data screen?


Just to provide more information, basically what is happening is that caption and image on the list screen keeps defaulting to a field. I just want it to stay blank.

Sounds like a bug to me. As far as datatypes, I wouldn’t anticipate Glide translating the data type in the sheet to the datatype in the app. As far as I’m concerned, everything is treated as text, so it really shouldn’t be affecting the components you are selecting. Just my observation.

Once you set your layout in LIST don’t click DETAIL It will erase your previous LIST settings.
Once you set your layout in DETAIL, don’t click LIST, it will erase your previous DETAIL settings.
The same holds true for every layout. Once you have it set, do not click another layout.

Regarding the app choosing which layout it wants to show you, This happens when your referencing a sheet that is also being referenced on the same level in the app and you had already set a layout for that sheet. So the layout is being mirrored

How to FIx.
The way to get the app to give you a unique layout is to use referencing and bury the sheet behind a reference link so the sheet is not so close to the surface. Then the app will treat it like a completely different sheet just because it is referenced elsewhere.

The cons to this is that it takes a few more click to get to your data, but at least you will have your layout the way you want, including sorts and filters.


Thank you. That worked! You need to navigate to the details from within the cellphone screen rather than clicking on the details tab on the right hand side. Thankyou for the solution.

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