LIST Relation Question

I have a google sheet with over 20 tabs.
The main tab which is a list of items (proffessions) and it is displayed in the main screen - the only tab that is displayed.
I wish that every time i enter the main page looking for a specific proffesion, i’d be able to click on it, see the component List relation.
But for every proffesion - every listing, the relation is different.
So for the Accountent i link it to the accountent tab
And for the Architect i can link it to the architect tab

What happens now is when i change one- it changes all the links.

Can it be done?

You already asked this question. If you need to reword something to make it clearer please use the original thread. Thanks.

Its a different question, since i failed with the relations i tried another solution with lins relation component
but i could not change the list relation between items in the main tab- every change affected all the other listings.
where i wish to connect between A2 to Tab 2 and A3 to Tab3 and so on .

If you want to do it this way then you need to have only 2 rows on your INDEX sheet. Row one obviously the column titles and row two you would have the links to those other sheets. The values in row two would be “Accountant” “Architect” etc. You would then set up the relationships in the Data area within Glide.