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I am in the process of building a job hunting tracking tool/app. The first tab is jobs and the second tabs are interviews. I have multiple jobs that I have applied and each is at different stages with multiple interviews.

On the first tab, I have created the below columns in my google sheet; Company, Company background, Hiring Manager, Role, Job Description, First Interaction, Referral Contact, Interviews, Feedbacks, Linkedin post, Job Posting post.

On the second tab for interviews, I have created Selected company, date, hiring manager, title, email, feedbacks, my notes.

I want to link tab 1 and 2, but clicking on the job in tab 1 that will take me to tab 2 and list all the relevant interviews I have with the company that I applied. I have created a Button that will Go to Tab Interviews but how do i filter to just that company?

You’ll also need to set a value somewhere before navigating (typically in the user profile table or in a working table using a single value → whole row). Then, filter that list by the value that was set.

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Wouldn’t you want to see those interviews through a relation when you click on a company? Or using 2 tabs is more convenient to you?

I will like to use two tabs, so when i click a job/role, it will take me to the interviews I had in the past with the company.

Also on my interview tabs, I can filter by date (last one month), by company as well.

Just to be clear, you don’t need 2 tabs to achieve that. You can just use a show details screen action on the Job/Role list, and show a collection of the related interviews in the details screen.

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how can I do that pls?

Create a relation from the Job/Role table to the Interviews table using the Company field (if you have that available in both tables, and ideally as an ID instead of a name).

Then in the details view of the Job/Role table, show that relation using a collection component.

what is a collection component?

Thanks, and how do I create a relation between two tabs in my google sheet?

I’d recommend spending a bit of time at Learn Glide just to get to understand some of the basics.