Jump to Filtered List Tab After Clicking from Detail Component

First of all thanks for all your kind help for my questions, I have found out that not only Glide is a fantastic product but more importantly all people around it are so cool and helpful !!

Here’s my todays problem, thanks in advance for all your help.

I have a detail screen, and I want to click in one of the items and jump to another tab but filtered by the item I just clicked in the detail screen, probably is better with an example:

If my detail screen shows the make of a car to be “Ford” then I want to click on it and jump to a Tab filtered exclusively showing only Ford Cars, the same for other detail fields such as color red, click on it and jump to see only red cars.

What’s the simplest way to get this done?



Hey Juan I think what you want to do is create a relation multiple from the Ford Car to the table with all the cars in it. Then use an action show new screen and choose the relation we just made.

Hi Eric thanks for your response however what you say is not very clear for me as the table with Ford cars is the same as the one with all other brands, theferore I dont know how can I make a relation inside same table, or if that makes sense.

I think what I need is to get the clicked element stored in a variable, and then jump to other tab and trigger a search action using that stored element.

Thanks for any guggestions!


You can always make a relation to the same table. If you have a column with ‘Ford’ in it, you can create a relation that links that column back to itself, so if you are viewing the details of a Ford vehicle, you can have an inline list that shows all Ford vehicles. I just want to make sure it’s really another tab that you want instead of another screen. Understanding the exact flow you want will determine the best way to set it up.

If instead, you want to go with your original thought, you can store a value in a column in the user profile table, or in another new ‘filter’ table with a single row and some user specific columns to hold your stored values. All you need to do is create a single relation from the vehicles table, for example, to the user profile or the filter table, then when you click on the details for a vehicle, a custom action will first set column values through the single relation to your user or filter table. Then you can use single values or some other methods to help filter a list in your other tab.


Thanks Jeff!!
Will try that, thanks again!!

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