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When I click on a new button, I want to direct traffic to an existing tab but show a filtered view of column type. How do I do this?

The button push would need to be a custom action that first writes the filter value to a user specific or user profile column before navigating to the tab. Then, you’d filter the list by that keyword.

Here’s a video of the filtering logic I use (does not include the button logic):

Glide: Filter an Inline List with Choice Components

It’s just that instead of using a choice component, you’d be writing the value using a set column action before the navigate to tab action.

I don’t have the filter option under options when I create a new button. Only the General and Options tabs are visible on the right. When I click options I only see visibility - add condition. Not links to tabs where I want to filter the data. I need to setup a custom action on click to create the filter and sort. How do I do this?

You don’t need to have a “filter” option for the button.

What Bob mean is the action tied to that button should:

  • Set a value to a user-specific or user-profile column. That is the value you want to “filter” by.

  • Get the user to the screen/tab you want them to view.

  • Assuming you have an inline list/collection or some of those on the screen/tab, you would want to filter using the value you set in step 1.

However, it might be beneficial if you can include some screenshots or a video of how you’re currently setting it up, and what your desired outcome should look like!

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  1. I have a list of books with a specific owner column (member name and surname)
  2. I have a list of members
  3. On the member detail screen I want to have a click through link to show up only the list of books owned by each member.
  4. In otherwords the button on each member detail screen must click through to this list. This list must only show the members books and not all the books as it is currently doing.
  • I would create a multiple Relation column in the member table linking the member to their books.
  • On the member detail screen, set the button action to ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’.
  • On that new screen, add an inline list that is sourced from that relation column.

I have created a multiple relation column. Data is showing up on the details page correctly. Is there any way to place a button where this inlist is and open up the inline list on a new screen. To clean up the page and have less data visible. See below.

A template column can be used to join name and surname. Then you can use the template column in your relation.

But, I don’t recommend using name for relations. What happens if someone changes their name??? Then all relations break and you have names in the book table that no longer match. Instead, you should have a RowID column in the member table and when you add books, you can either write the user’s email or the user’s RowID to the book table. I recommend writing the RowID for your use case. Then you can create the multiple relation in the member table that links the member RowID to the Member ID written to the Book table.

Also, instead of writing the the name to the book table, I would create a single relation that links the Member ID to the Row ID in the member table. Then add two lookup columns to retrieve Name and Surname from the relation. Then create a Template column to join the names together. This allows everything to be more dynamic and future proof.


I see you changed your comment as I was finishing up my previous comment. I outlined the answer to this earlier.

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