Button link to inline list

Is it possible to link a button to an inline list?

I have a main sheet LEADS that contain leads belonging to multiple users. I also have a sheet USERS that list out all the users. When they click their name, they see only their appointments and phone call follow-ups - I’m doing this via the ‘phone call relation’ that I’ve created in the USERS tab connecting to the LEADS tab. Everything works beautifully.

Now what I want is to also add a button called ‘Today’s Follow-ups’ on top of their phone call follow-up list, filtering only the calls that they need to do today. I was hoping to use the already existing ‘phone call relation’ inline list and further filter by date. But the button ‘link to screen’ is not showing the inline list.

Is it possible to do this at all?

How about adding a List Relation component. It would use the same relation and you can apply a filter where Date is Within Today. It’s like an inline list, but it instead shows a count of items instead of list of each item. You could then give it a heading of ‘Today’s Calls’. I set up an example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ under the Notes demo. If you add a note, the current date is attached and the component will show with only today’s notes.

I’m trying to think of a way using a button to link to sheet, but I can’t think of a way to filter just the current selected user as well as today’s date. Their may be a way, but I just can’t picture how it would work.

I tried the list relation and it doesn’t really work for me because for some reason it shows only the first item in the filter.

I have now split the phone call inline list into two - 1) filtered by today and before, and 2) fresh leads. These two inline lists are placed on the same page. It works for my requirement, but the only thing is each relation may pull up a lot of records and the users will have to do some scrolling.

A feature to truncate the inline list items with a button to expand would be so helpful. Another useful thing would be to display the number of items in each list.

That’s why I did the list relation. It’s exactly the same as what you did with two inline lists, but the list is instead compressed into one line and shows a count of items. Once you click on the item, it expands into the filtered list. I was picturing you using one list relation and one inline list with different filters applied to each.

Oh yes, that makes sense. I will try that.

This is much much better! I don’t know why I didn’t get this before! D’oh! :grimacing:

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