Inline list as multi action button on list item


i have a list of leads, which my user has to action on. When the user opens a list item it show the lead details, and gives the user a few options on what to do with the lead: ie. delete; add contact; email or whatsapp. each action has unique steps for example:

  • Delete: update missing info, then update status in lead table,
  • Refer: choose which agent to refer to, then update missing info, then add to contacts table

Previously i implemented it via using CSS edited floating buttons - it looks very cool, but now im getting stuck with not being able to show different “edit screens” for each of the actions . i am currently testing a different implementation via using an inline list as the buttons… and creating a custom action based on the index number - but now i cannot edit on my leads table as the inline list represents my “button name” list or table.

im feeling a bit stuck with what the best practice solution should be - if anyone can please advise me… see screenshot of the user experience for some background info:

If you wanted to stick with that, what you could do is use a Show New Screen->This item action on each of your buttons. Then you could build each one out as a separate edit screen. Each would need to be a custom edit screen.

You could also make this work.

  • On the action that opens a lead details screen, set a column in your user profile with the LeadID
  • Then in the table that you’re using as the source of your buttons, add a single value column that takes the LeadID from your user profile row and applies it to all rows in that table
  • Then use that single value column to build a single relation back to your leads table
  • Now you can use that single relation on your button actions to open a screen on the correct row in your leads table via the relation.
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Thanks Darren,

Id like to implement both and see what works better - for some reason i feel i need to get solution one with the tiles to work based on the fact that Glide wont support CSS in future (i read this in a post somewhere and wouldnt want my app to break).

Solution 1 is working, thanks, have one question though: the CSS floating buttons - my screen seem to not be able to scroll leaving some text hidden behind the static buttons - is there something i could do to allow scrolling?

Im struggling to get solution 2 to work:

  • I created a text column in my user profile table called Lead ID - i wasnt sure if it should be user specific, however i test both. ps i dont have a row owner in my user profile table. However, i edited my list action by adding a “set column values” step and adding the lead ID to the user profile row, and as a second step then only showing the details screen. this writes the lead ID perfectly to the user profile table in the specific users row
  • then i added the single value field to my button source table trying to get the lead id to populate, but for some reason i cannot get this to work.

Then i did add the single in the table that you’re using as the source of your buttons, add a single value column that takes the LeadID from your user profile row and applies it to all rows in that table

from there i have not been able to move further… any help appreciated? should i create the single relation column on my leads table i assume where the lead id in button source match the row id in the leads table. and then, lastly, im not sure how to use the single relation on my button actions?

Either will work. I quite often use User Specific Columns for these cases (especially if my User Profiles table is connected to a Google Sheet), but it doesn’t have to be.

Okay, that’s my fault. I gave you a bum steer. You can’t target the User Profile Row with a single value column (which makes sense when you think of it). I should have realised that.

So for that step, instead of a single value column, use a template column, like this:

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 11.23.25 PM

Sorry, I missed this. I think the easiest way to deal with this is to add a few separators to the bottom of the screen.

Very helpful thanks - just one more clue please… ive now added my relation column to the leads table to match row id to my buttonsource template lead id col = it worked.

Now, i go to my inline list - custom action - and i want to create an edit screen for the refer tile… but for some reason i cannot seem to get to that row via the show new screen… i think i might be missing a step?

hmm, you should be able to. It’s a single relation, yes?

i think i figured it out… i initially created the “relation column” on the leads table… but now i rather went and i created the “relation column” on the buttonsource table and that seem to work to pull the lead information through :slight_smile:

ah, that would do it :slight_smile: