Menu of options with diferents links

Sorry I need more help.

I need to put in the Main Page a list of options with an image that send me to different screens, like a menu.

For example:

  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Stores.

Categoríes must go to a screen where I can see the inline list of categories
Brands must go to a screen where I see the inline list of Brands
Stores must show a map of the city where i show the stores with pins.

I have this options in a list, but if I put like an inline list all the options go to the same destiny.

¿Wich kind of component should I put where I can configure each image for go to a diferente screen result?

Thanks for your help.

You could create a custom action for the Inline List on your main page, with conditional branches. Something like:

  • If name is Categories → Show New Screen → Categories
  • Else if name is Brands → Show New Screen → Brands
  • Else Show New Screen → Stores

Other options are to turn on independent screen configuration for the inline list and keep the default View Details action. Or you could use buttons with separate actions to Show New Screen for each button.


Darren, in which document can I learn more of how to custom actions for inline list?

I don’t know where can I configure de condition in the inline list where I can ask if name is Categories else if name is brand.

Thanks for your help.

Jeff, can I put an image in a button? Please tell me how.

Thanks a lot.

Here you go. You should be able to configure the logic like Darren suggested.

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You can only put an icon, that is sourced from a fixed list to a button. What is your use case here?

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If I would like to have a button that shows me a Map in a New Screen, how can I do that? Because when I select New Screen I need to choose the Sheet from Google Sheets. I need to have another sheet with the name Map and with the image?

If I add a new Sheet in Google Sheets how I sincronized it with Glade in order to include this new sheet.

You can either choose a different sheet/table, or you can select the same row and table as the source of your new screen by selecting ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’. It all depends on where you want the content of that new screen to come from.

If you add a new sheet tab to your spreadsheet, then all you need to do is make sure that you have some headers. It will eventually show up in your list of tables, but if you hover over Tables icon at the top of the builder screen, then you will see a refresh icon, which you can click to resync your data between glide and google.

Thanks a lot!

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