Custom menu with actions?

Hello! I’m trying to make a custom meny where every item takes users to different forms. But I would also like quick actions on some of the menu items that adds specific rows straight away. Is this possible in list-view or do I need to set up the menu as a special detail view with buttons and stuff?

Any links to video or text describing custom menus would also be really helpfull.


The action on a list is usually set to Show Details Screen by default, but you can create a custom action instead. What I would to is create a custom action with several IF statements that can perform different actions based on the item that was clicked.


That is a great help. Thank you! That will also enable me to have some sort of visual event when a row is added!

But what I really would like is little buttons on each list item that does diffrent actions. So one action if the list-item is pressed and others if the buttons are pressed. See screenshot below.


As I understand it I cannot use a list view for this but I might be able to get closer to that functionality by setting up a detail-view with different buttons inline lists etc. The design would be quite different though.

Apps won’t allow you to have this setup. Glide Pages does have that with Collections, but they don’t have icons, only buttons with their titles.


@ThinhDinh Do I understand you correctly that it is impossible to use a list as a menu? Or just a list with diffrent actions?

How would you make a custom menu screen with buttons for different screens AND some actions?

You can use a list as a menu, but the option to have multiple different actions or buttons (quick actions) on each list item is not possible.

I don’t have any advice for setting up anything similar with the existing functionality. I think you would just have to play around with the different components and see if you can get something that still feels comfortable.

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Like this:


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