Multiple custom actions to one inline list?

Hi there, I’m trying to add a few different custom actions to the same inline list. Is this possible? I already had a custom action set up, and I tried to add a new one by clicking ‘create new action’ and it looks like it erased my original custom action…

Hi Micheline,

If you have a logic of which action to use with what item, you can use the condition to route it the right way using the item’s ID, name etc.

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Hi ThinhDinh,

I’m trying to create entirely different custom actions though. Essentially, I need different If statements for each action. Does that make sense?

Is the list fixed in size? (and not too many items?)

If so, you may be able to use Independent Screen Configuration per item.

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Adding to what Darren said above, can you describe more about your use case here?

You can use ITE conditions in your custom actions and define different actions for each individual item in your inline list too if needed.


I have a custom action to count unique views of profiles in a directory. I’d like to add another custom action to count profiles that were “favourited” by other users

Hi Manan,

What are ITE conditions?

Hey sorry,

ITE = If Then Else

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What is the action that triggers your “favorite” condition?

I haven’t actually defined it yet because I don’t know how to create more than one custom action yet. I was going to test something similar to what @Robert_Petitto did for unique views.

It is not obvious the first time you use it!

A little video (as I had to learn how to use it too in a previous plea for help!)

The key is realizing that there is an extra bit to the ‘create action’ screen that you can play with. Enjoy!


@Mark_Turrell Thank you!!

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