Conditions on List

I have a Classic App that I am rewriting in the new Pages. I have a list that has 4 items and those are shown in the first screen and when you click each one the details are then shown only if the signed in user has the Level that includes the code for that item and each item has a different code. It works flawlessly in the Classic app but when I duplicate that same setup in the Pages app i get only one condition for the entire list and if I edit the Level in one it sets that same Level for all 4. Have matched step by step and am either suffereing from old man syndrome or need a lot more coffee this morning! Help!

Can you add a couple of screen shots of how you have it configured in each?

I’m guessing that you might have been using Independent Screen Configuration in your Classic App, which isn’t available in the new Apps. If that’s the case, I (we) can help you with a workaround, but I (we) need a better visualisation of your use case first.

The Classic shots show how it is in the old one and it all works well.
The 2 for Pages show that setup but when I edit the condition for visibility in one items detail list it sets all 4 for that same condition…so I get all or nothing from the list.


When you write “…has a different code”, does it mean that “has a different screen”?

Do you want each item in your list to open a different screen (with different components/animations)? If so, you need to choose Show new screen as action



Each item is a zoom meeting and they are coded and the user has a code in their profile that must match that zoom entry code or they will not get the login and password but instead will get the button that leads them to the Membership Options page. Yes I want each one to open in a new screen and I need that new screen to be where the condition is set that either shows them all the zoom info or the “membership options” button…

Tried that and it still only applies the condition for visibility from the one that you set. If I set a condition to “only show if Level includes ny” for example then all the others will show if the user has NY in their account but not any other Level for the other 3 meeting rooms. One condition still runs all the items in the list. I must be missing something in my thinking and understanding.

I’m not sure if this is the source of your problem, but in your second screen shot I can see that you’re applying a filter at the screen level. Shouldn’t that filter be on the collection?

I removed that filter as it was there during one of my many attempts at figuring out this issue and I am still not able to add a condition to each individual item in the list when an action to add a new screen is used and I use the condition on that new screen and it’s data???

Okay, I admit that I haven’t studied your earlier posts that closely, but it sounds like what you might need is a custom action with conditional branches for each collection item. So perhaps something like the following:

  • If Collection Item 1, then Show New Screen → This Item
  • Else if Collection Item 2, then Show New Screen → This Item
  • Else if Collection Item 3, then Show New Screen → This Item
  • etc…

The above approach will give you a separate independent details screen for each collection item, and I think that’s what you are looking for?

Thank you for the speedy reply and I will test this in a bit and let all know when I find the answer!

It appears I am having a mental block :wink: Ok I add my list to the screen and it is now a collection. I can see all 4 meetings on the screen. Each one works with it’s proper link and password. But when I try to apply a condition for which ones to show or not based on the signed in user “Level” then that condition applies to all 4. I do not see how to separate them so that even a custom action will point at a single particular element in the list.

Would you allow me to take a look at your App?
I think I’m not quite grasping your setup, but I suspect that I can sort it out quite quickly for you if I can see it in front of me.

If you’re okay with that, send me your team invite in a PM and I’ll have a look.

I would certainly be ok with that however, I just got it functioning. I needed to rethink my Level for each meeting and how to identify it better and adjusted that (although this all works in the Classis app as it was) and now I have the desired filtering! I am sorry for the time spent trying to figure out what was in my head but the process helped me dig deeper and learn more about Glide. Again I appreciate you and Robert and all the guru’s that so willing give of your time and expertise to help us “newbies” to get onboard! Have a blessed day!


Excellent :+1:

Please, don’t forget about us… I need to know how this movie ends!! :wink:

So sorry! I realized that each of my users having a “Level” for any rights they have to the rooms such as “NY” for the New York room and I also added a level to the Meetings table and simply added that NY level to the meeting…and then the proper level for all the meetings with each having a unique level. Then my condition for each could be that the elements for each screen could be shown based on the condition that the user’s Level “included” the Meetings “Level” else show the button that said “Click to view available Membership Options” which then leads them to our website page where they could find how to purchase rights to any meetings they wanted, Hope this makes sense and I so appreciated all the suggestions and patience as I was forced to think through the process to make it work!d As a side note: I was not able to make it work for me based on any other setup…not that they were not accurate but that I did not (obviously) understand things well enough.