Using cards so they perform different actions

I am building a dashboard for my app with a list of things a user can do/go to. The dashboard is set up as a card screen. I want each card to do something different - either setup the screen with an independentl configuration or link to a different screen or tab in the app. How do I accomplish this?

If you just want the Cards to link to different screens, add them as an Inline List, then look for the setting “independent screen configurations” in the inline list’s settings.

If you want different actions for each card, I believe you’d have to set up the action using conditions so that “if it’s this card, do this… If it’s that card, do that”.


How do I do the latter using conditions? I tried setting up a new action and it only allows two paths - if this then do this else do this. I need multiple ‘else’s’ because I have atleast 7 different dashboard items

Just keep hitting the plus next to the first IF. It should add another one before the Else.


Just keep clicking the plus button as @kyleheney said, you will be able to add as many as you want.

Here’s an example of a combo action with 12 branches, you can scroll left and right to view all later if you want to make changes.

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That was easy enough! Thank you so much @ThinhDinh @kyleheney

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