Combining two sheets onto 1 tab

OK. I have 2 search tabs on my app with several filter categories on each tab.

One is for searching salons. One is for searching hairstylists.

I want to combine them into 1 tab with a toggle, but it’s proving to be more challenging than I anticipated because I’m pulling data from 2 different sheets

If I try to duplicate a filter (ie - price point) on the “Find Salons” tab and try to switch it over to the pros, it won’t let me “write-to” the Pros sheet. I can only write to the Salon sheet or the User Sheet.

But I need it to get here:

Is there anything I can do to work around this?

I think you can use a relation to write to a specific table… or you could write it to the user profiles and pull it in with a single value column.

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I think a better option for you is to combine those sheets on the backend, then on the front end: display two tabs with according filters for each tab, or display only one tab, with no filter. Your custom filters would write to the combined table.


that was a bit over my head :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I have no idea how to combine 2 tables into 1. That something I might need to wait to tackle when I’m ready to start switching over to the new glide apps

I would create a new table to handle your filters and be the source of your tab. Your existing tables can remain the same.

Okay, so here is a fairly simple approach that should work.

  • Start by creating a single row helper table to use as the source of your search screen.
  • Add a RowID column to that table, then a series of User Specific Columns - one for each of your filter options, as well as the one to switch between Salons & Pros.
  • Add all your input components (for your search criteria) to the screen, and target them at the appropriate user specific columns.
  • Create two Query columns. One should target your Salons table, and then filter according to the selected search criteria. The other should do the same for the Pros table.
  • Now add two inline lists to the screen, and use the two Query columns as the sources for those lists.
  • Add a visibility condition to each inline list. One should be visible when Salons is selected, and the other when Pros is selected.

And that should do it. The trickiest bit will most likely be getting the filter conditions in your Query columns right. If you get that far and get stuck, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.


Hi Jeff! ok so I do have a separate table that is the source of the filters, But when a user chooses their selection, it writes-to either the salons table or the pros table to match it against their choice. And I can’t seem to figure out how to allow their selection to match against 2 seperate tables in one tab

That’s not what Jeff meant. He was basically suggesting exactly the same thing as me :point_down:

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ok let me read what you wrote 45 times first to see if I understand it lol

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ok i’m wondering if i would have to recreate all of these columns on the new table for it to work? This is an example of just 1 choice option where the user can select up to 5 items. And I have several of these.

Yes, you would.

But the upside is once you get it working you’ll be able to delete all those columns from your Salons & Pros tables, plus a bunch of other columns that you probably won’t need any more. So it should be a nett gain :wink:

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oh, just to be clear - I’m not talking about the table that contains your Choice options. You can leave that as it is. What I’m talking about is a new table that will hold the user selections. (I assume that you currently have user specific columns for those in your Salons & Pros tables?)

good point!

Yes, got it!! Thanks!

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