Filter and sort tab for end user on layout

Can we add filter and sort tabs on layout like search bar So that end user can have customised filter.

For this firstly we will be needing filter input with reference or choice list rather than hard code values.

Also sorting tab can help in controlling ascending or descending order by end user.

Any plan for this ? Please help !

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Depending on how bad you need this, there is a workaround that can get you the filters you need.
There are not many different filters a user would need. Think of any shopping website they give you just a few filters, and a few sorts. So you can create pre filtered results and display them as part of a reference.

General instruction
Say you have a sheet which list 100 items and you want to show certain categories and certain sorts. based on the user selection.

First create a new sheet You could call it “Sort Menu”
Then Create some columns
[Name] [Type] [Description] [Reference=SortedSheet:KeyColumn:Multiple]
Then add the name and types of views you want to be able to give to your users as list items
Of course you will need to create a new sheet for each view using the =Query(Sheetname & Sort / filter data)
When the user goes to this Sort Menu sheet, they will see references to the various types of sorts and filtered data. The caveat to this however, “Keep Add & Edit Off”. If user tries to edit the data that is being queried it will result in lost data.
Hope this helps with the thought process.

This seems like a great idea…on paper. Would you be so kind as to provide an example? I’m ot sure excatly how to implement this.
Here you go
I did a sample sheet and placed it in a glide app so you can see how it works. You can copy the app and sheet and modify it according to your needs.

I see what you mean aout the caveat. :frowning_face: The sorting methods are sound. However, without editing capabiities, this won’t work in my particular case.

Thank you for sharing your app/guide with the community. :+1:

You can still edit in the user area just not in the filter area. The filter area is just for viewing the results.
If you want to edit or add a person to the list you have to go to the user tab.

This is a good fix. Thank you