Multiple filters on tabs


Does anyone know if you can have multiple filters on one tab? e.g having a to shop tab, but wanting to filter this into several sections depending on the user e.g vintage, lifestyle.

Is this possible to have it on one tab or do you need to make a separate tab on the app to accommodate each filter? Can the user specify their filters?

Thanks so much for your help.

Emily :slight_smile:

Possible workaround/solution?

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or read through this …

It would be awesome if they integrate this feature with tick and untick features so you could change your options

Hi Spencer, how did you get the option bar at the top where the use can type in their preference? Thanks for your help

Not sure exactly what component you are speaking about: the vote for food? or the sort/filter?

This ‘may’ help

Also, these apps are able to be copied.

It may help to copy them to your account and look ‘under the hood’ at the sheets associated.

Keep asking questions. I will answer them as much as I can. EVERYTHING I do here I learned by looking over this forum.