Dynamic List Creation Workaround

I have a relative who uses an app I made to keep track of mileage on trips. (Not GPS tracking, she just enters in the destinations and beginning and ending odometer reading.)
She has some destinations for beginning and ending, but sometimes wants to add a new one.

Just playing around with the choice component. I want my users to choose from a list but also be able to add to the list when they do not see what they want on the list.

I have created this as my basis: https://ojek4.glideapp.io

Admin Sheet: Where I can add to the spreadsheet at any time
Votes Sheet: Coming from a glide form and putting in the choice OR an alternate choice
Combined Sheet: A dynamic list is created between column A of the Admin sheet and Column B of the Vote sheet. (with the unique and sorted formula put in there) =sort(UNIQUE({Admin!A2:A;Votes!B2:B}))

The form pulls from THIS sheet as updated. So any item that is added in the form adds to the choice list for the next user.

Just playing around, hope it helps someone.


I do something very similar in my app. I assume both the choice component and the text entry component write to the same column in your votes sheet?

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actually writes to two different columns -

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Cool. In mine I have the two components writing to the same column. Glide gives you a warning in the builder, but it still works out pretty good for me.


Brilliant well done

HA! @Jeff_Hager - I guess I heeded the warning :slight_smile:

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@Jeff_Hager - I finally got around to ‘letting’ two components write to the same column (warning or NOT!) and it seems to be working out.

I have a checkin button here: https://cqacq.glideapp.io/ and both the choice menu and the text entry go to the same column. Thanks, it is so much cleaner!

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Awesome! Glad it’s working for you.

OK, Jeff I decided to go back and try to clean this up while I worked on the User Sorting.

NOW, they all go to the same column.

(also added a Popularity sort)


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I like it! Very cool with the popularity sort.

Can’t copy the app as it gives “Oh Sheet” error messsgae

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hmmmm, is that something I can ‘fix’?