New Columns from Form Submission


I have an idea that works great in my mind but I can’t figure out how to make it happen in Glide.

Here is what I’d like to happen…

A user can create a new template using a form (form1) - they input their text and submit the form. That submission creates a new column that they can dynamically choose from in a different form (form2). Each time they add a new submission in form1, a new choice is added in form2.

For example, after creating some templates in Form1, a user would go toForm2 and there would be a choice list populated from the form submissions in form1. (template1, template2, template3, etc)

Is that doable?

Hi @alsobrooks57, I don’t really understand your use case, but 2 comments to help in your thought process:

  • Are your forms writing to a Google Sheet or to a Glide Sheet? It might not make a difference, but it might help you visualize how your data and tables need to be organized.
  • In my understand, a form submit always adds an additional row (not column).

Choice components are built from rows, so this would work perfectly. Form 1 would write a new row to a sheet you choose. Then form 2 would have a choice component built from the sheet that was filled with form 1.

That makes sense!

Can the rows created be unique to each user?

If you capture the user email in the form then I imagine you can filter it in the choice component.

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Interesting. I’ve limited access to my app via email - so I already know that. Good idea on the filter - I’m going to test and see if that works. Thanks!