Insert table in a form with dynamic choice component columns?

Can I insert a table with choice component columns, within a form, to enter information?

It is a form to place an order, and following a header with text entries for the client information, I want to insert a table to enter the product order information, that would be like this:

Columns: Category / Brand / Model / Quantity
With a “+” button or similar to add rows when needed for ordering more products.
And the first 3 columns would be choice components, where I would like to apply a dynamic choice component filter, so that the choices shown in each column depend on the choice made on the previous one.
Is that possible?

In addition to this, is it possible that when submitting the form, the information is written to the corresponding google sheet, in this way: as many rows as products entered, repeating the information on the form that is general (like order number, client, mail, etc)

Thank you!

I think to achieve what you want on the front end, you should use a custom form.

In your helper table, create a column to hold a user-specific “unique ID” column.

On entry to the custom form screen, you would have a combo action like this:

If unique ID is empty, set a unique ID value to the column, and then show the details screen for the custom form.

If unique ID is not empty, then show the details screen only.

On the form screen, you would have a collection action/form button to allow users to add rows to an “Order Rows” table: Category / Brand / Model / Quantity

Once the user wants to submit the order, you would write the Unique ID above to an “Order” table: Order Unique ID / Timestamp etc

and then clear the unique ID to prepare for the next order.

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With my setup above, you would only store the client’s info on the order table. To me it’s a cleaner setup, and you can use relations/lookups to bring the info to the Order Rows table.

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Many thanks Thinh for your response! I´m trying it out but it´s taking a while because I´m new to Glide.
I have not been able to set the custom form layout format to what I was looking for. I would like to achieve something like this:


But I don´t find how to insert an entry “table”, so that the user can entry the info like that, in a horizontal logic, with the first 3 columns being choice component columns , where the choices available for the second and third column depend on the combination of the previous columns choices entered.

If there is no way to do so, can you show me how to show the form like this:


So that the form shows a first container with those choice component entries, and when you click the + button or something like that, it shows a second container for entering the same components and so on, until completing the info for each of the different products the order may have.

Many thanks in advance!

At the moment that is not what is supported. You can use a collection pointing to the “Order Rows” table like the image you show, and have the title bar action be a form to submit rows, with the “Unique ID” of the order being part of it.


Filter the collection by “Unique ID” (the column in the Order Rows table) is this screen’s “Unique ID”.

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